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Marvel Comics

Demon Wars Treasury Edition TPB

Peach Momoko takes her version of the Marvel Universe to the next level! Welcome to another dimension filled with wondrous creatures: sentient samurai armor, a winged individual in a falcon mask, a mysterious panther person and a red, snakelike monster with a deadly appetite. As these incredible Yokai battle, will Mariko Yashida be forced to choose a side? When Iron Samurai clashes with Shield of Justice, their war will be anything but civil - and their cataclysmic confrontation could devastate two worlds! Meanwhile, the spirit world is divided - and Mariko finds herself caught between Phoenix and Magik! And another Yokai with incredible power has plans to paint the world scarlet! Collecting DEMON WARS: THE IRON SAMURAI, DEMON WARS: SHIELD OF JUSTICE, DEMON WARS: DOWN IN FLAMES and DEMON WARS: SCARLET SIN. Rated T+

Category: Marvel, Trade Paperback

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