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Marvel Comics

Star Wars High Republic Phase II TPB Volume 02 Battle For Force

The battle of Jedha continues! As Tey Sirrek defends the Temple of the Kyber, Vildar Mac is buried alive - with only his belief in the Force to keep him alive. But Vildar is a Jedi beset by doubts, scarred by a past he should've forgotten years ago. Who can come to his aid as the Holy City tears itself apart? Vildar, Tey and Matthea Cathley are forced into a corner, with enemies closing in all around, and a secret of the hidden Jedi vault is revealed. As one Jedi lies dying in Jedha's frozen desert, another is missing. And all the time, the Leveler waits in the shadows, desperate to feed! Can Vildar resist the lure of the dark side? Or must he become what he fears the most to survive! Collecting STAR WARS: THE HIGH REPUBLIC (2022) #6-10. Rated T

Category: graphic novel, Marvel

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