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DC Comics

Nightwing Volume. 4: The Leap

The fourth volume in the thrilling Nightwing epic is here!Eisner Award Winner 2023 - Best Continuing SeriesCollecting the exciting tales from Nightwing's adventures, this volume includes Nightwing #98-100 and Nightwing 2022 Annual—these include an appearance from Nite-Mite—that's right, that meddling Nite-Mite booped himself over from the fifth dimension! Also with Blockbuster off the table, the crime families all head to Bludhaven in an attempt to claim the city as their own...including Tony Zucco himself! Since his "daughter" Melinda Zucco is currently the mayor, and definitely not secretly working with Nightwing to take down crime bosses—it should be easy, right?!

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