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Pull Services - Body Text

  • Comics must be added to your reserve list at least three weeks in advance of their release date. For this reason adding new titles to your list the night before their release or emailing requests weekly will not guarantee they'll be in your bin. We will always make every effort to get you comics that you may have missed!
  • We will hold reserved issues for two weeks. Space is limited in our shop. If you're unable to pick up your books due to business or vacation, please let us know at
  • If you haven't left an email or phone number with the staff when setting up a bin, we highly encourage you to do so!
  • Please be specific about which titles you would like added to your list. Annuals, Tie-ins, and title relaunches must be added individually to everyone's lists. For example, simply adding 'Batman' to your list will not include all story tie ins or annuals. 
  • We do not pull comics which have already been released, we will pull comics going forward from the date you've started your pull bin
  • Due to the large amount of requests and limited quantities, we do not pull cover requests or variants. All alternate covers and variants are first come, first serve Wednesday mornings.
  • Pull bins are for single issues only. No trades, books, toys, etc.
  • At this time, we are only able to add titles which have already been solicited to ship by Diamond. There may be instances where we will ask you to request an addition to your list closer to the release date.
  • You can make changes to your pull bin in store, by phone (647-646-0889), or email (
  • Those of you who email a weekly list to our reserve address may continue to do so, though we must receive your email by 5PM Tuesday in order to pull your books.