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Beast Kingdom

Dark Knights Metal DS-090 Batman Who Laughs D-Stage 6 Inch Statue

From Beast Kingdom. Beast Kingdom is proud to introduce a new line of D-Stage Staging Your Dreams dioramas from the wonderfully dark multiverse of DC's Dark Nights Metal! From Earth -22 comes a dark and disturbing take on the vigilante, with the Batman Who Laughs. A new type of supervillain: he is a hybrid of Bruce Wayne and the Joker. Combining Bruce Wayne's intelligence and physical strength, with the Joker's sadism and warped humor, the new, twisted character titled the Batman Who Laughs is most definitely a one of a kind take! A ruthless new character, Batman The Merciless wages war on the whole world taking down anyone who gets in his way. The armored villain is seen here in his sea blue armor and infamous helmet. The light and shadow effects of the comics are meticulously brought to life using the very best of painting and manufacturing techniques.

Category: Statue

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