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Darth Vader (Return of the Jedi) 1/12 Scale Model Kit

Darth Vader returns to the 1/12 line with a new mask off version. This model utilizes the Triaxial Jet Finish and by popular demand has a new cape recreated with soft plastic to increase posability. It comes with an alternate right arm with the hand cut off to reflect the fierce fight with Luke Skywalker. The chest parts have been recreated in a new molded design as well. This is the ultimate Darth Vader model kit. Included in the model comes: Darth Vader face parts x 2, Cape parts x 2 (soft and hard cape), Cut off Right hand x 1, Chest panel x 2 (Mold Ver and Flat Ver), Lightsaber x 2 (hilt ver and lightsaber ver), Hand parts x 5, Runners x 9, Sticker sheet x 1, Water Slide Decals x 1 and Manual x 1 

  • Darth Vader Face Parts × 2 (Facial Parts & Helmet Parts)
  • Mantle Parts × 2 (Soft Cloak · Hard Mantle)
  • Chest Panel × 2 (Molded and Flat Ver.)
  • Right-hand parts for scene reproduction × 1
  • Dedicated display base × 1
  • Light Saber × 2 (stored and deployed state)
  • Hand parts × 5 types (weapon possession × 2 · left fist × 1 · flat hand × 2)

Category: Bandai, model kit

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