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329 YONGE ST., TORONTO ONT. M5B1R7 (416) 593-0889
391 BANK ST., OTTAWA ONT. K2P1Y3 (613) 232-2609

Q: You state a shipping option as "store pickup", where is the store?

A: "Toronto Store Pickup" is at 329 YONGE ST., TORONTO ONT. "Ottawa Store Pickup" is at 391 BANK ST., OTTAWA ONT.

Q: There are no shipping amounts posted on your site. How much is shipping?

A: Shipping is automatically calculated based on the weight of the product you purchase, the area to which it is being shipped, and the method of shipping you choose. Since you can view your order before submitting payment you can gauge whether the amount for shipping meets your needs without committing to your purchase.

Q: What shipping carrier do you use?

A: Currently, we use Canada Post as our mail courier. They have a number of economical shipping choices with varying degrees of expediency. You can track your package (if you chose a shipping option that allows for it) through

Q: What is a "registered user" and what exactly are those "fancy" benefits you promise.

A: As a registered user your order information is accessible to you by logging in. You can view your order status, and view shipping details; like your tracking number. Also, only registered users are emailed with sale coupons available periodically through the year.

Q: What does my order status mean?

A: There are four basic stages that your order (or items within your order may be in).

Processing means that your order has been received, but is still being pulled and packed.

Backordered is an item that is not currently in stock, but we are making efforts to receive the item. If we are unable to locate the item within 2 weeks we will contact you to see if you want it to remain backordered, exchanged, or cancelled.

A cancelled order occurs either at your request, or when an item is out of stock or returned. When something is cancelled you are refunded the purchase amount of the product, applicable taxes, and any remainder of the shipping charge.

Shipped orders have left our processing area and are en-route to the post office for sorting and mailing.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: See here

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