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Review: Punisher #10
Matt Demers  |  April 18, 2012

I'm not going to lie: this Daredevil/Spider-Man/Punisher crossover, "The Omega Effect", is turning into one of the better sleeper hits this year. It's taking three of Marvel's best written books and allowing them to weave into each other on a simple yet effective level, keeping plot points easily-explainable and cohesive. It's a sign of good writing when a reader can miss part of the story (in my case, the Spider-Man chapters) and piece together what has happened in the meantime while they were away.

Sure, there will be small details they'll have missed, but I believe in not punishing a reader for missing chapters: if they really care, they will hunt down the pieces that they missed. Instead, writers should reward readers who have been there the entire time, making small plot points pay off in ways that make people tilt their heads and say "Oh, yeah. That's awesome!."

And that's what this book is full of: shout-outs to the first issue of this Punisher ongoing, plot threads in recent Daredevil issues, Spider-Man being.. Spider-Man. I'm confident in saying all three of these heroes are enjoying their best runs of recent memory because they've been simplified down to their base elements, which happen to be really awesome things: Frank Castle as the "ends justify the means", Peter Parker as "with great power comes great responsibility" and Daredevil somewhere in the middle.

Punisher #10

The Verdict: Four and a half science doodads out of five for bringing great characters together with minimal mess. Great rising action leading up to a memorable climax (get your head out of the gutters) would have been perfect if not for the heavy-handedness of the cliffhanger and the relative silence of Frank Castle. Give this crossover a read, and hope they collect it in trades.

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