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Off The Rack #903
Kin  |  April 16, 2012

We’re expecting one day of summer weather today with a humidex around 30 degrees C and a chance of thunder storms. I hope the AC is working.

There’s an automated bike rental station set up now across the street from the store. It will be interesting to see how often people use it.

I found out that common sense isn’t very common when I called 911 last week after a bicyclist clipped a van and fell off his bike. I was asked a whole bunch of questions that I couldn’t answer even though I told the 911 person that I was calling from inside the store across the street. The most frustrating part was that the 911 person got snippy with me.

I saw Dave yesterday and witnessed the patience necessary to put on artificial feet. He has gotten to the point where they are sending him home on the weekends. That change to a normal life outside of the hospital will be a challenge.

Secret Service #1 – W-Mark Millar makes fun of Asians and Sci-Fi geeks in this book and I’m both. He’s lucky I’m thick skinned and a forgiving person. This book about the British Secret Service starts off with a funny gag spoofing the James Bond movies and ends with troubled teen Gary being bailed out of jail by his Secret Service Agent uncle. I live by the motto that “god helps those who help themselves” so Gary’s plight got no sympathy from me. I’m going to stick around to see what happens because the writing is so good and A-Dave Gibbons does nice work.

Batman: Arkham Unhinged #1 – This is the sequel to the 5-issue Batman: Arkham City mini based on the video game that came out last year. It’s fun for someone like me who will never play the game to see some of the cool weapons that this Batman has in his utility belt. I really liked the art by Mike S. Miller, especially the way he draws Selina/Catwoman, so as long as she’s in this story I will keep reading.

Secret #1
– When Image comics first hit the racks 20 years ago they were all about the art; Ooo pretty. Their recent resurgence is more about the story with writers like Brian K. Vaughn on Saga and Jonathan Hickman on this book. Guys like Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefeld would be a lousy fit for this industrial espionage story but A-Ryan Bodenheim is perfect. Here we have a security company working for some shady Washington firms and I’m not quite sure if they are good guys or bad guys. When my orders for the second printing of a book is a lot higher that my initial order, you know it’s worth reading.

New Avengers #24 – Phew, we finally find out what happened to Jessica and the baby. But now Luke has to make a very difficult decision. I’m glad that W-Brian Bendis didn’t make us wait for the outcome because we’re heading for the thick of AVX and there’s just going to be all out fisticuffs for a while.

Batman & Robin #8 – The father and son story concludes and the debate rages on. Which way works best when dealing with the criminal element, Bruce’s or Damian’s? I say Damian’s. Get yourselves ready for the big Batman crossover “Night of the Owls”.

America’s Got Powers #1 – Crass commercialism is on full display in this 6-issue mini by W-Jonathan Ross and A-Bryan Hitch. When a big crystal lands near San Francisco and bequeaths super powers to every baby in the area, the powers that be decide to use those kids in a TV show where they compete to be on a super team. One kid, Tommy Watts, did not get any powers, unlike his brother Bobby who died in competition. I like Tommy and I want to see what happens to him.

Avenging Spider-Man #6 – The Omega Effect begins right here. What’s the Omega Effect you ask? Why it’s where Spider-Man teams up with Daredevil and the Punisher to keep the Omega drive away from the bad guys. You will be surprised at the goings on with Matt and Frank if you don’t read their books, but you’ll get the gist from Ws-Greg Rucka and Mark Waid right off the bat. I like how light hearted this issue is even with that party pooper Punisher involved.

Conan #3 – That one panel by A-Becky Cloonan where Conan is wearing what appears to be a modern Foreign Legionnaire’s uniform was really jarring.

Thief of Thieves #3 – This issue introduces FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Cohen. Her job is to put the Thief of Thieves in prison. I would not mess with her, or her boss either. Man, I love these characters.

Saga #2 – W-Brian K. Vaughn and A-Fiona Staples have many, many surprises in store for you inside this issue. Bounty hunter The Stalk makes Boba Fett look like his Lego toy.

Tarzan #3 – Leave it to Dynamite to make Lord Greystoke a peeping Tarzan for purely prurient reasons.

Buffy Season 9 #8 – It’s neat how they used Dollhouse tech to explain robot Buffy.

Avengers Academy #28 – The 2-part Runaways appearance finishes with a lot less fighting and a lot more understanding. Too bad that spell can’t be used more than once. It would save me a lot of eye rolling. Fights of misunderstanding between good guys are annoying.

Brilliant #3 - Nowhere in this does a redhead hold up a car, but I read it anyways. Bad boy Amadeus and good boy Albert establish their ideologies concerning their monumental discovery. I predict a flame out.

Avengers Assemble #2
– According to the first few pages of this issue the Zodiac, the bad guys, are supposed to save our reality. I kept wondering why the Mysterious Source would empower the villains to do that and I think I’ve figured it out. The Mysterious Source really wants to wipe out our reality and is setting the bad guys up to fail. That way, the Avengers have to save the day. You read enough comic books and you get an intuition about this stuff. I’m still hoping to be surprised though.

Animal Man #8 – Buddy fights tooth and nail against the Rot but alas, darkness prevails. Ooo, I wonder what Swamp Thing’s gonna do?

Saucer Country #2
– I love how you can find such a bizarre story in a comic book. Here’s one about a presidential candidate who was abducted by aliens. It’s interesting how the sceptics around her are reacting. I don’t think this is going to end like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Batgirl #8
– We find out why Barbara’s mother left as W-Gail Simone foreshadows the appearance of Batgirl’s next villain.


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