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Off The Rack #901
Kin  |  April 2, 2012

Did any of you go to the Train Yards in the last few days? A new Marshall’s store opened recently and you would think they were giving away designer clothes for free based on the line up of cars waiting to get into the parking lots yesterday. I had to go to the Sail store there to look for a rod rack and Penny wanted to check out the new discount clothing store. She said it was so packed inside that she could only stay 5 minutes. I spent 10 minutes looking for her after scouting out the Sail store and then waited outside. She had already left and gone to Michael’s and came back to get me. What a zoo. I didn’t even find my rod rack so I’ll have to make something. It’s DIY time.

We’ll be open both GOOD FRIDAY and EASTER SUNDAY in case you need to work off your sugar buzz from all the chocolate you ate during the holiday.

Avengers versus X-Men #0 – That was a heck of a lot better than I expected. I knew that I was going to like the look of this book given that it was drawn by one of my favourite good girl artists Frank Cho, but I was surprised at how quickly I cared about the two main characters, the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers and Hope of the X-Men. The scene at Avengers Mansion between Wanda and the Vision was so well executed by W-Brian Bendis and Frank Cho. Look at everybody’s expressions on the page, they’re spot on. The first part of this issue was so good that I’m not even going to gripe about the sudden appearance of the Scarlet Witch after a long absence from the racks. The X-Men half of the book by W-Jason Aaron is a journey of discovery for me since I’ve stopped reading a lot of the X-books and don’t know Hope from a hole in the ground. She’s got Rogue-like powers but can only use them against other mutants I take it. There’s this big thing about the return of the Phoenix Force which leads me to believe that this is Marvel’s version of Final Crisis where DC brought back the Flash. Will we see Jean Gray at the end of all the hoopla? I’m getting lazier as I get older so I’ll be referring to the Avengers versus X-Men as AVX from now on.

The New Deadwardians #1 – Welcome to early twentieth century London, England home of the Young and the Restless. W-Dan Abnett and A-I. N. J. Culbard pits the Young (vampires) against the Restless (zombies) in this 8-issue murder mystery. This may remind you of the Sherlock Holmes series Victorian Undead but Chief Inspector George Suttle is a solo act and the twist is that he’s one of the Young. I will definitely read the rest of this.

Elephantmen #38 – The identity of Razorback is revealed. Too bad somebody had to die though. The art by Axel Medellin is stunning.

Daredevil #10 – The Mole Man’s sad, sad love story comes to an end and so do Matt and Felicia’s. Now we wait for Black Spectre to strike. I thought the Penguin was pathetic but the Mole Man is the prince of pathos.

American Vampire #25 – The conclusion of Death Race is the end of the road for Travis the vampire slayer. I hope we see him again. Meanwhile, the return of American Vampire Pearl and her human husband Henry ends this issue. I am now looking forward to the next issue hitting the racks.

Morning Glories #17
– I hope my niece Jade doesn’t wind up as screwed up as the Jade in this book.

Avengers #24.1 – That was Brandon Peterson drawing this issue? What happened to the guy who drew Arcanum and Chimera? I was so disappointed. I suggest you read this before AVX #0 because it sets up what the Vision does when Wanda shows up at Avengers Mansion. This still doesn’t explain where the heck Wanda’s been though.

New Avengers #23 – The New Avengers take down the Dark Avengers version two point oh with a little help from a new friend. I hate these massive fight issues. I’m done reading in about five minutes and I wonder “was that worth $3.99?”. Meanwhile, Luke looks for his missing family. Maybe this book won’t have anything to do with AVX. Ah, who am I kidding?

All Star Western #7 – I do declare, if’n it isn’t that rebel rouser Jonah Hex in New Orleans. Jonah joins up with Nighthawk and Cinnamon to bring some southern racists terrorizing immigrants to justice. It’s an explosive situation in the Big Easy. The back-up story features the origin of Hannibal “Nighthawk” Hawkes.

Warlord of Mars #15 – Hey, look what I found in one of my “to read” piles. I had a feeling I was missing something while I read issue #16. I wondered how John Carter joined up with his son Carthoris, and now I know.

King Conan: The Phoenix on the Sword #3 – I wish W-Timothy Truman didn’t have Conan narrating this story. It saps it of any suspense knowing that Conan survives the bloody coup and now has a tool to defeat Thoth-Amon.

Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #11 – There’s no explicit nudity or sex like there is in Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, but I still get that feeling of embarrassment when I read this comic book. A-Carlos Raphael is back for this 4-part “The Boora Witch” story. The larger pasties help a little.

Aquaman #7 – This issue introduces the New 52 Black Manta, Aquaman’s arch enemy. He’s super nasty. I can’t wait to meet the rest of Aquaman’s pals, the Others.

Avenging Spider-Man #5 – This was tonnes of fun. You have to read this if you’re a Spider-Man fan or a Captain America fan or a Spider-Woman fan or a Hawkeye fan or a Wolverine fan or an Avengers fan or just a plain old comic book fan like me. You have to read this and smile. Comic books that are this much fun are rare. Thanks to W-Zeb Wells and A-Leinil Yu for the good times.

Voodoo #7 – I’m disappointed that the Voodoo we knew up until now is a bad guy. I’m glad that the new Voodoo is a good guy. I’ll be fine as long as A-Sami Basri has them dressed differently. White tank top is good, black and purple spandex is bad.

Avengers Academy #21 to #27 – I caught up with W-Christos Gage’s kids just in time for the guest appearance of the Runaways. I miss those misfits.

Birds of Prey #7
– I’m not a stickler when it comes to the rule that super heroes don’t kill. You can guess where I stand on capital punishment.


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