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Off The Rack #900
Kin  |  March 26, 2012

What a difference a day makes. I was out on my bike in shorts yesterday but had to put on my winter gear this morning. There’s a howling northwest wind blowing that making it feel like minus 14 degrees C. I’m glad I didn’t store my winter coat and still have snow tires on my SUV.

Super Crooks #1 – This new project by W-Mark Millar and A-Leinil Yu focuses on super villains and the bad things that happen to them. It’s a comic book trope that the bad guys always lose but it’s fun seeing them headed towards the inevitable. I have noticed that a lot of British writers use the term “to be honest” regularly. I wonder why. Are they afraid that we think they’re lying to us? This goes high on my reading list. Right up there with Garth Ennis’s The Boys.

Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child #1 – As enticing as the cover was, this book did not put a spell on me. W-Selwyn Seyfu Hinds seems to be writing for Twilight fans with her young heroine ignorant of her mystic heritage. I finished reading this out of respect for A-Denys Cowan but the story did not grab me. Please don’t stick pins in my effigy.

Ragemoor #1 – It’s eerie how W-Jan Strnad and A-Richard Corben can still make me feel creepy all these years after I first discovered their stories as a teenager in those old Warren magazines. This 4-issue mini features a living castle and its dark denizens. Visitors are either torn to pieces or go stark raving mad. Fun times.

Amazing Spider-Man #682
– This is the start of the “Ends of the Earth” wherein Doc Ock blackmails the entire globe. A-Stefano Caselli’s work is stellar here and I hope he’s doing a bunch more issues. I had a geekgasm when Spidey’s new costume was revealed.

Rocketeer Adventures 2 #
1 – Boy howdy, it was nice seeing that Sandy Plunkett art in the first story by W-Marc Guggenheim. The second story by W-Peter David had some cringe worthy puns and I’m not a fan of A-Bill Sienkiewicz’s scratchy style. The last story by Stan Sakai was really fun and made this comic book worth picking up.

Batman #7 – W-Scott Snyder reveals some ugly truths about Batman’s current enemies, the Court of Owls. It’s too bad the New 52 Batman doesn’t know about Mister Freeze.

Kick-Ass 2 #7 – It’s the grand finale where the “heroes” fight the “villains” in Times Square. The featured matches are Kick-Ass versus the Red Mist and Hit Girl versus Mother Russia. Who will survive and who will die? There’s so much bloody violence, Jesus wept. W-Mark Millar made me laugh at the start of the brawl by making it look like a frigging school yard tussle. The bad news is that another crazy Kick-Ass story has come to an end. The good news is that a Hit Girl spin-off will hit the racks later this year. I am so reading that.

Fables #115 – There are a lot of “meanwhiles” in this issue as W-Bill Willingham fractures the fables into different parts of the kingdom. There is Therese and her evil toy boat, Beauty and the Beast’s baby, Bufkin in Oz and the almost forgotten revenge of Mrs. Spratt. I felt like a juggler with too many balls in the air.

Zorro Rides Again #9 – It’s the long awaited debut of Lady Zorro. The original might not sanction her actions though. She’s not averse to killing the bad guys. Well, you know what they say about hell hathing no fury. I was disappointed that A-John K. Snyder III shod her in boots with heels. Can’t we be practical for once?

Deadpool #52 – Deadpool’s death wish gets closer to coming true. I hate when Wilson “the Kingpin” Fisk and Wade “Deadpool” Wilson are in the same comic book. I am easily confused.

Justice League #7 – Yowza, that was worth every cent of the $3.99 cover price. Jim Lee fans are going to be disappointed but I was thrilled to see Gene Ha doing the art in this issue. His collaboration on Alan Moore’s Top Ten made it a must read for me. This book delivers a multiple geekgasm with a shocking teaser introducing the new Shazam with art by Gary Frank in the bonus back up. I love the New 52 bad boy Billy Batson and now we don’t have to be explain which Captain Marvel is which when we say Captain Marvel.

Ninjettes #2 – I forgot to snag a copy when it hits the racks. It’s a good thing we had some left over. Such a pretty cover for such an ugly story. Sam Pekinpau fans would eat this up. Ugh.

X-Factor #233 – Whoa, this Matt Milla fella doing the colours on Leonard Kirk’s art really made me take notice. So is that Doctor Doom’s kid? I’m not up on all of the offspring in the Marvel U.

Action Comics #7 – Meet the New 52 Brainiac, same as the old Brainiac.

Fear Itself: The Fearless #10 & #11 – We all knew that it was going to come down to Valkyrie versus Sin and just before the final issue hits the racks it looks like Sin wins. Don’t count your hammers before they’re forged Marvelites because Val is on the cover of the last issue.

Animal Man #7
– W-Jeff Lemire features Buddy’s family in this issue as the rot spreads. Cliff needs to get rid of the mullet.

Batgirl #7 – Grotesgue is the next super villain that Batgirl has to deal with but it’s actually one of his henchmen that grabs Bab’s attention. W-Gail Simone slyly segues into what happened when Barbara Gordon was shot by the Joker.

Avengers: Fury’s Big Week #2 – Oh, it’s called the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This issue introduces, in order of appearance, Jane Foster, Tony Stark/Iron Man, the Black Widow, James Rhodes/War Machine, Mjolnir, Hawkeye, Thor, Loki, and Bruce Banner/the Hulk. You get an idea of how big the cast will be for the movie.

Unwritten #35 – This giant sized issue sees Tommy Taylor’s arch enemy triumphant. It also changes the plot of Tommy’s life with a tragic twist. I’m enjoying this series more now that W-Mike Carey has revealed how things work in this world.

Resurrection Man #4 to #7 – Just when Ws-DnA get freaky with angels and soul searching, they go back in time to recount the origin of Mitch Shelley, Resurrection Man. What’s keeping me reading are some mysteries they threw in before going to the flashback that I need to see solved.

Warlord of Mars #16
– It’s one life and death struggle after another for John Carter and company. No sooner do they escape from the evil Issus than they get sentenced to death by an evil rival for Dejah Thoris’s affections. The guy just can’t catch a break.


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