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WWE pro-wrestler CM Punk gets F**ked Up at Silver Snail
Meryle Trouble  |  March 19, 2012

Hello Wrestling and Comics fans!  This is Meryle, Silver Snail's resident front cash Evil Monkey.  You may or may not know from talking to me or seeing my t-shirts that I am a Pro-Wrestling nerd! So when lead screamer of hardcore band F**ked Up, host of The Wedge, and long time wrestling fan Damian Abraham asked if he could film CM Punk co-hosting The Wedge in store at Silver Snail's Toronto location I was thrilled!  I've never been a Punk fangirl, but I've always admired his ROH career, in-ring abilities and what he's done to make WWE's programming really exciting again!

On March 9th Punk, Damian and The Wedge's crew dropped by to shoot for an hour, and I got to meet Punk, take some pictures and HOLD THE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!  Pretty awesome!  (and no the belt DOESN'T spin anymore thank goodness!)  Punk was very professional and gracious, and let me film a little video of him talking about comics, what he thought of Silver Snail and was nice enough to answer my (admittedly smart-a**) question.

You can watch Punk co-host The Wedge here.












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