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D&D Encounters: Storm Over Neverwinter
Tiff  |  April 2, 2013


The new D&D Encounters: Storm Over Neverwinter begins with Session 0 on April 10th at 6pm and continues for eight more weeks every Wednesday at 6pm until June 5th.

Highly anticipated, this campaign is the chance to play higher level characters: everyone starts off with a 3rd Level Character. If you are not familiar with creating characters or even higher level characters, then it is highly recommended to attend the first session (April 10th) which will be designated for character creating only.

Here are what level characters will be for each date:

April 17th - May 1st : 3rd Level Characters
May 8th - 15th : 4th Level Characters
May 22nd - May 29th : 5th Level Characters
June 5th : 6th Level Characters

Drop-ins are welcomed as long as you have an appropriately leveled character that is ready to play.

The setting takes place in fan-favourite Neverwinter part of the Forgotten Realms campaign world. Adventurers are investigating another cult, this time the worshippers of the evil god of tyranny and domination Asmodeus. But a more literal storm is also brewing, threatening to destroy the rebuilt Neverwinter.

For more information about this encounter, please visit the very informative website of one of our own DMs:

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