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Gaming @ Silver Snail: D&D Web of the Spider Queen Week 9 Recap
Tiff  |  July 25, 2012

D&D Encounters: Web of the Spider Queen Session 9

(Yeah, yeah, sometimes we DMs miss a week on the write-ups.  One of us was out of the country, and the rest of us were busy.  Give us a break: operating a universe is only our night job.  But onward to the future!)

Table 2's party, having fought past the towering stalactite that was the Demonspur, made their way across the swaying rope bridge on the other side, and on through the underground tunnels until they reached the gates of Zadzifeirrryn.  (Note to whoever made up the names in this adventure: What did I ever do to deserve a tongue-twister like Zadhz ... Zahdzee ... like that Drow output name?  Yeesh.)  The only way through was a pair of portcullises, each raised by a large winch.  Chained beside each winch, clearly as a drive mechanism, was a huge ogre.  The two bickered back and forth like children as the party approached.

Our Drow Thief tried to bluff his way past: "I'm escorting these prisoners to the settlement, open up!"  The front ogre (going by the charming name of Dung) believed him, but held out for the password.  Another party member confused him with a torrent of words about the importance of these prisoners, and how a dumb ogre like him probably wouldn't remember the password correctly anyway, and did he really want to be the one to take the blame when these prisoners didn't arrive in time?  Dung, his tiny mind in a whirl, started to crank up the front portcullis, over the shouted protests of his companion (the ogre called Worthless).  More persuasion, lies, threats, and intimidation finally got Worthless, too, to raise the interior gate.  The party had time to rush forward and get themselves’ positioned before one of the gate's defenders came out to see what all the shouting was about and ask why the gates werebeing raised off schedule. 

A pitched battle ensued, with Drow archers firing down from arrow slits above, a spell-spinner casting bolts of magic, and Worthless the ogre bashing all about him with an enormous uprooted tree someone had brought him from the surface.  Our Paladins split up, one scrambling up the wall to face the hidden archer and spell-spinner, while the other rushed forward to hold the line against the ogre and the Drow behind him.  A whack from the ogre and a shot from an archer dropped our elven Thief, who spent several rounds bleeding quietly before the Bard was able to revive him.  The Drow defenders couldn't seem to pull themselves together under the surprise assault, missing with their attacks over and over again as our heroes chipped away at them, and before long the ogre was felled, followed shortly by the rest of them. 

Searching the vicinity of the gate, the party found some abandoned buildings, selected one that seemed easily defensible, and settled-in for a few hours of rest.  They'll need their strength as they push on into The Drow Outpost Whose Name Cannot Be Pronounced by the Tongues of Human DMs.

Anyone is invited to come and join our D&D group, from beginners to pros. We meet every Wednesday at 6pm, upstairs at the Silver Snail. Please bring a level-3 character*, a pencil, a set of dice, and your sense of adventure!

*Characters need to be from 4th-edition D&D Essential books or you can play using one of our pre-generated characters. A DM is now available starting at 3:30pm Wednesdays to help with any character creations and/or conversions.

Catch up on the story: last session's recap.


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