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Review: Legend of Korra Turf Wars Part 1
Nikki  |  August 9, 2017

Written by Michael Dante DiMartino

Art by Irene Koh

Colours by Vivian Ng


Published by Dark Horse Comics


Three years after the acclaimed cartoon series Legend of Korra ended, Michael DiMartino (one of the Avatar/Legend of Korra creators) returns with artist Irene Koh to continue Korra’s tale after another Spirit Portal splits open in the middle of Republic City. It’s also been three years since Legend of Korra surprised the world by introducing Nickelodeon’s first bisexual heroines when Korra and Asami got together in the last few minutes of the series finale. This three year wait has had LGBTQ fans dying for more “Korrasami” and this first part of this new series delivers.

Legend of Korra, while rough, was everything I could ever want in a cartoon series. As a queer woman of colour, seeing an Asian bi woman on screen made me cry. Finally. Comic were a venue where I could easily see more of that and seeing this all combined in this book was beautiful. Being the series co-creator, DiMartino doesn’t lose any of the characters’ personalities and Irene Koh brings a familiar flavour to the art while still doing so in her own style. This is great because while I wanted something that felt like the cartoon, a straight copy of the animated series art style would have felt forced. There's beauty in the details here as well. The soft looks that Korra has when she talks to Asami, the gorgeous look of the Spirit World... all these little touchs really bring this world to life on page.


The comic follows almost immediately after Korra and Asami walked into the Spirit Portal for their vacation. They have some adorable couple moments that will satisfy the Korrasami shipper’s heart but Legend of Korra has been great at balancing all the storytelling elements (*wink*) and they get back to deal with the mess they left behind. I really liked how this comic follows the theme of consequence. Yeah, Korra saved the day but the destruction also brought different problems and we’ll see how she tackles them and how that affects her relationship with Asami. Another thing that I admire about this first part of Turf Wars is how the comic doesn’t shy away from the issue of same sex relationships. Instead, they explore why we haven’t seen any until now. Ideally, I would have liked for same sex relationships to not have been a big deal in this fantasy world but considering the lack of LGBTQ representation until now, I understand the need to establish this.

Fans of the series will not be disappointed with this sequel comic and I am ready for years of more installments to the series.


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