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Six-Gun Gorilla
Chaos McKenzie  |  September 3, 2017

Six-Gun Gorilla by Simon Spurrier / Jeff Stokely – BOOM! Studios  


I’m always left wonderfully surprised at the end of a Si Spurrier tale. He pulls me in on a hook, and then dances me through a maze of whimsy for a story with more of a gut punch than one ever expects at the start. Six-Gun Gorilla totally delivers what’s advertised on the label, there is a gun totting gorilla, in a tale that plays with the ideas of creation - creation as an art form and the shape that creation takes when far out of the grasp of the creator – does the creator even matter to an idea let out among the masses? That’s where my mind goes with a good Spurrier tale.


There’s the battle of fiction versus faux reality, the idea of what entertains, what destroys, what builds? And it’s all dressed up in a futuristic human colony on a bizarre alien landscape hotly contested for fertile resources. The central characters balance a civil war between traditions and the destructive progress of the future. It’s all a clever little metaphor for traditional storytelling and rapid changes as the world spins around it. It’s incredibly powerful stuff.


I’m under the impression that the Six-Gun Gorilla is a cast off by an unknown creator in the age of the pulps, given new life here (or they made it all up from scratch), either or, it’s an incredibly powerful story that really speaks to all you creative types, making an impactful story about the power of one’s creation from many different perspectives, let alone time. Scott Snyder puts it best in his cover blurb “Six-Gun Gorilla is one of the most original and daring reads I’ve come across in a while. Visually stunning in its art, and stunningly visionary in its storytelling. It’s a book that never forgets to be wildly fun, too.” Jeff Stokely’s art is electric in its storytelling.


Now BOOM books are a little more expensive at the Snail, but still under Canadian cover and the overall book design really seems worth the few extra bucks for the volume. BOOM presents a lot of quality stories that might get a little overlooked due to the cost, but there is a definite sense of old school Vertigo comics in the works there.


- Chaos McKenzie


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