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Review: Riverdale #1
Nikki  |  April 10, 2017

Story One:

Written by Will Ewing   Colours by Andre Szymanowicz

Art by Joe Eisma        Letters by Janice Chiang

Story Two:

Written by Michael Grassi     Art by Joe Eisma

Colours by Andre Szymanowicz     Letters by John Workman

The CW’s newest hit, Riverdale now has an ongoing comic series that takes place in between episodes to give you a deeper look into the characters’ lives and motivations. A comic based on a television show that’s based on a comic… confused? If you’ve never watched an episode of Riverdale then this is definitely not the comic for you. Unlike the oneshot that came out last month, Riverdale #1 takes place directly after events that happen in the pilot episode of the tv series.

The first story follows Archie after he gets Jason’s jersey on the Varsity Football team. This in-depth look into how Archie feels outside of the issues we got to see played out on the show really makes this comic worth it for me. It doesn’t rehash anything, rather it adds to the show’s version of Archie. Outside of the love triangle (square?), the forbidden romance, and his musical aspirations, it’s great to see a writer really explore nuanced barebones of what makes Archie such a “good guy.” When Archie wears Jason’s number, he really feels the pressure of what that means and for better or worse, he takes that seriously. We see him be stubborn but kind, steady but fearful. And the darker undertones hint at stuff we might see later this season.

Although she’s everyone’s favourite character to hate on, there’s no doubt that Cheryl Blossom’s flair for the dramatic makes for an interesting story and the 2nd instalment in the anthology series centres around her and her vendetta against Betty joining the cheerleading team. I especially enjoy how this ties into the first story, in that because the football team has a hazing process, Cheryl uses that idea to try and force Betty off the River Vixens. The story is short but I really felt the connection between the comic and the series.

If you're loving Riverdale, you will definitely enjoy the debut issue for the ongoing comic series. I cannot wait for the series to focus on other characters like Josie, Val, or even Reggie and Moose. The possibilities are endless and there is so much room to tell great stories that connect with the show. I only hope that there’s interest enough in the stories here that the show’s writers can adapt it into the tv series.

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