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Review: America #1
Nikki  |  March 6, 2017

Script - Gabby Rivera

Interior Art - Joe Quinones

Inks - Joe Rivera and Pablo Rivera

Colours - José Villarrubia

Letters and Production - Travis Lanham

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’ll punch holes through dimensions and space. Miss America Chavez has been a Young Avenger, an A-Force member, AND an Ultimate but now she’s trying something new. Something scary. She’s going to be… a college student?!?

A recent fan favourite in comics, Miss America Chavez has been the mysterious powerhouse of every team she’s been on and she's never truly had a ton of development because it. Once I heard that she would have her own series, I got excited at the prospect of this beloved character getting the solo story that she deserved. Gabby Rivera, an established YA writer who is also Latinx and queer, is the writer for the series and I’ve never been more relieved. Rivera tackles this first issue with a fast-pace, fitting to America’s character, which works for me but I feel like certain scenes needed a bit more room to breathe. I know her character and I know that a lot fans also know her too but this is an introductory issue and the fast pace goes through many aspects of America’s life. It would have been nice to have them space it out a bit or to thread them in a little more naturally in future issues. What I loved most about the whole plot was that it’s a story about America willingly going to school to better herself. She wants more than to just be the smack-talking powerhouse of the team.


It’s strange to think that this is Joe Quinones’ art because I feel like it’s almost completely different than anything else he’’s done though it’s probably due to the content of the story and the inks and colours. For me, Quinones, Rivera, Rivera, and Villarrubia put together a perfect mix of early superhero comics style (both Golden and Silver) and contemporary comic layouts and techniques. Quinones actually draws America Chavez as an amazon and you can believe that she can punch holes through universes.


Although the pacing could use some work, this is an amazing, bombastic start to Miss America Chavez’s first solo series. America has always been the best part of team books she’s on so it’ll be good to have a story completely focused on her and how she can grow and learn on her own.

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