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Review: Superman #18 - Superman Reborn Part 1
Nikki  |  March 1, 2017

Story - Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Pencils - Patrick Gleason

Inks - Mick Gray

Colours - John Kalisz

Letters - Rob Leigh


As far as the DC Rebirth line goes, Tomasi’s Superman storyline has been one of the best. It’s been a long time since Superman has had an ongoing this interesting and engaging and although I was worried for the Super-Crossover (AKA Superman Reborn), part one assuaged some of my fears.


Tomasi and Gleason have taken a familiar road when it comes to Superman and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Superman is a larger than life character. He’s the first superhero and he’s the one whose actions have ripple effects on time and space. Many stories have dealt with that epic impact that he has and that’s where our story starts. With this issue we get everything. We get that larger-than-life feeling AND we get the family dynamic that Tomasi and Gleason have used to imbue the Superman title with new life. My only issue with this issue (ha! See what I did there?), is that real prelude of the story comes from the last arc of Action Comics. Seeing as this crosses over with that title, it’s understandable but it shouldn’t be a requirement to know how the antagonist comes to the new Kent Farm. Other than that, I loved this issue.


Gleason on the art brings a softness to the story that makes the family moments all the more heartening. I’m not the biggest fan of Mick Gray’s inks because the heavy lines appear a little too sloppy. The more fantastical sceneries and the action scenes look great with Gleason’s art and Gray’s inks though. Close-ups and facial expressions suffer from Gleason’s tendency to draw ridiculously large eyes.


Superman Reborn Part One promises an epic adventure with ties to the larger DC Rebirth mystery. What makes this one stands out is the focus on Superman and his family. Many superheroes have suffered from an inability to grow. With the old DC universe Superman in play, his family life with Lois and Jon feel fresh and continue to make familiar action beats all the more urgent. Don’t miss out on the first Superman crossover of DC Universe Rebirth and if you can, check out Action Comics’ last arc to get the scoop on the mysterious antagonist. (WHO IS HE????)


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