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Son of Satan Classic TP
Chaos McKenzie  |  March 12, 2017

Son of Satan Classic TP – Chaos McKenzie

Marvel Comics

Gary Friedrich / Steve Gerber / Gerry Conway / John Warner / Bill Mantlo / Archie Goodwin : Writer(s)

Tom Sutton / Jim Mooney / Herb Trimpe / Gene Colan / Sal Buscema / Jim Starlin / Sonny Trinidad / P Craig Russell / Ed Hannigan / Russ Heath / John Romita Sr. : Artists(s)


There is something wondrous about the Marvel Classic collections which look back on a hefty chunk of history from the House of Ideas. In particular, no matter what you opinion of the old comic book style, Marvel through the sixties and seventies was bursting at the seams with ideas that came so fast they didn’t even have the chance to see what suck and what didn’t. For anyone who finds the creativity of today’s creators to be stilted or repeatitive these classic volumes showcase a time when every panel was bursting with ideas, credible and insane to behold. One such character born of this explosive creativity was Daimon Hellstorm, the ever familiar Son of Satan, for as the Hell-Lords had struggled for centuries with the want to sire a child with a human woman, giving the offspring a link between Earth and the Hell-demensions, and therfore unimagined new power. Only the demon Satan would have the skills necessary to see the act done, taking human form and setting up residence near Fire Lake, Massachusetts, he married the woman Victoria Wingate and produced two offspring Daimon, and later, his sister Satana. Where Satana was taken back to hell to be raised by her demonic uncles, Daimon was raised on Earth in the shadow of his mother’s hysteria. It was not until Daimon inherited his father’s house at Fire Lake that Daimon became aware of his full ancestry. Begged by his father to stay and serve him in Hell, Daimon instead returned to Earth to battle his father’s evil, wherever it may lie! Armed with Satan’s trident, a demon-drawn chariot, and the powers of the Darkhold, Daimon became one of the Marvel Universe’s premiere exorcists and occult masters.


Enjoy here Daimon’s earliest appearances with Ghost Rider, and watch as the different writers attempt to mix n’ match Daimon’s story into the figure we know and love to hate, today. See Daimon interact with Marvel mainstays such as Spider-Man and the original Human Torch, as each different writer adds a little more to the incredible story of the Son of Satan. A large chunk of the work collected in this volume centers around Daimon’s time as a professor at a St Louis college. This collection has all of his solo adventures before his eventual introduction to the Defenders and his love affair with Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, which would redefine him yet again for the 80’s and 90’s of Marvel comics.


The artwork here is a mix bag of some seminal comic book masters, showcasing some of the vibrancy and energy, which is often mourned in today’s continual output. There are some real gems among this collection, including some early work by P Craig Russell, as well as Jim Starlin. This classic collection is a real mix of styles and substance, but it’s worth every cent to expereience the shocks and surprises on every single page.



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