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Review: Resident Alien #0
Matt Demers  |  April 18, 2012

Sometimes it's best to not judge a book by its cover.

When I was suggested to try out "Resident Alien" by one of the Snail's staff, I was a little apprehensive; I find sci-fi stories really hit-or-miss, and in some cases, they can completely alienate (heh) audiences with too many foreign concepts at once.

However, I can say that this book does none of those things. Instead of the heavy sci-fi book I was suspecting, it turned out to be a lovely subversion of some common tropes that's set against a background of a murder-mystery story.

What results is something that I want to come back and read due to great character work and a backstory that's introduced to us gradually, as it's needed, instead of all at once. I actually care about the main character because he skips over that awkward "fish out of water" stage and gets right to the meat of things.

That being said, I can say that I'm happy this story will only be four issues long. These types of contained stories can only go on so far, and trying to stretch out a "aliens among us" facade longer than it has to will only lead to disaster; I mean, look what happened to the Men in Black franchise.

Resident Alien #0 (of 3)
Dark Horse Comics

The verdict: Four out of five spacesuits for introducing a fresh concept with a main character that avoid being bland. A reinvigorating science-fiction story that won't keep readers mired in technobabble muck.

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